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MRS Microraft Packraft
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Discover The MRS Solo Packraft Collection 

Camping Hiking Adventures is proud to offer the full, expansive range of MRS's solo packrafts. As world-renowned pioneers in inflatable kayak technology, MRS packrafts are designed to effortlessly combine a backpack's portability with a kayak's navigability. Explore our selection below and embark on your next adventure!

MRS Microraft Packraft with Spray Deck

The Microraft Packraft, complete with a spray deck, is a compact, lightweight solution for solo adventurers. It features a spray deck that effectively shields against water splash, keeping you dry as you navigate various types of water. Its compact size and lightweight construction offer a solution for any expedition without compromising on durability.

MRS Viking Self-Bailer Packraft

MRS's Viking Self-Bailer Packraft incorporates a smart self-draining mechanism, ideal for white water and high-wave conditions. It combines convenience, safety, and performance, letting you focus on the thrill of the journey while the self-bailer system takes care of the water inside the boat.

MRS Ponto Packraft

This is one of the best, most compact solo packrafts. Created with accessibility in mind, the Ponto Packraft brings durability, comfort, and stability to your expeditions. Whether you are out for a fishing expedition or want to bring your kids along for a fun day, this is a great option. 

MRS Alligator 2S Pro Packraft

The Alligator 2S Pro Packraft is designed for those seeking professional-grade performance. Its reinforced hull and advanced materials offer improved durability and responsiveness, making it ideal for challenging whitewater conditions and heavy-duty use. You will not be disappointed with its performance.  

MRS Alligator 2S Packraft

Like its Pro version, the Alligator 2S Packraft offers excellent performance and robust design but with a focus on user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. Its ease of setup and general versatility make it popular among beginners and experienced adventurers. It is an excellent option for whitewater use. 

MRS Microraft Extra Long Packraft

The Microraft Extra Long Packraft is perfect for taller paddlers or those needing extra storage space. Despite its larger size, it maintains the agility and stability of its smaller counterparts, providing you with an enjoyable and comfortable ride.

MRS Nomad S1D Packraft

The Nomad S1D Packraft excels in different water conditions and landscapes. The product is designed for the solo paddler who values versatility. Its unique design combines practicality with portability, ensuring a top-notch performance regardless of where your adventure takes you. This is one of MRS's most popular choices for still water use as it is fast, and its narrower hull reduces water resistance so you can paddle more efficiently and effortlessly. The "D" refers to the fully enclosed multi-functional spray deck, which makes the packrat suitable for white water use as it is fully enclosed. It comes with a detachable zipper and velcro, which allows you to close or open the deck depending on the temperature and the type of water you find yourself in.

MRS Nomad S1 Packraft

The Nomad S1 Packraft retains all the strengths of the S1D model with a simpler design for paddlers who prefer straightforward functionality. The difference is that it does not come with the spray deck, so it is not suitable for white water. It delivers the same performance and versatility, though, making it a reliable companion for any journey.

MRS Tulo Packraft

The MRS Tulo Packraft is the entry-level model, perfect for those new to packrafting. Despite its simplified design, the Tulo does not compromise on quality or durability. It's easy to transport, set up, and navigate, making it the ideal choice for those beginning their packrafting journey.

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