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You are a fan of traveling lightweight. What tips do you have for our readers who may be starting out? 

If you expect to carry your packraft for long distances during a multiple day packrafting trip, the weight of all your gear is important. Even if you plan on doing backpacking-only trips, packing light makes hiking more comfortable and more enjoyable.  

Packing light means carefully evaluating every piece of gear you take, including listing the weight of each item. 

I included a complete gear list for a two-person packrafting trip with just one tandem packraft. It should help give your readers an idea of what to pack and save them some research and trial time.

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Luc, you are a bit of a legend in the packrafting community! Can you tell us what motivated you to write your book? The Packraft Handbook started as a short safety manual. I had been teaching swiftwater safety courses for the Swiftwater Safety Institute for a few years and wanted to figure out how to get safety techniques out to more people. I was only reaching 30-40 people a summer with the in-person courses. But after writing the safety and rescue content, I realized that it would be even more valuable to write about how not to need rescue! (Duh!) So,...

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Guest blog by Byron Hartzler “Man, I don’t want to be anywhere else in the world right now!” I exclaimed to my Danish paddling partner, David, just 5 minutes ago. I had spent hundreds of hours guiding waterfalls and canyoning on the Nam Yao River in a back corner of Shan State, Myanmar (Burma) with my company, Myanmar Adventure Outfitters. Myanmar is remote as it is, and now after a military coup on February 1, 2021, it's plunged this nation that had so much promise back a decade or more and imposed isolation. I’ve been passionately curious and explored so...

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We are so excited to welcome Sergio Ríos Rodriguez today! You are going to love hearing about his amazing trip down the Amazon River in a packraft. (La versión en español se encuentra abajo.)   A few years ago, you took an epic trip down the Amazon River. What can you tell us about your adventure? Ever since I was very young, I liked to watch National Geographic documentaries, and at the time, most of them were about Africa and the Amazon. I often watched the tribes in their traditional clothing, ants carrying tiny leaves, the caiman alligators, snakes, the gigantic river...

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We LOVE the outdoors! And we are so thankful to live just a short drive away from some of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the world. Until recently, our main family outdoor activities in the Rocky Mountains have been hiking and camping. But last summer we discovered ... packrafts and a whole new world has opened up for us to explore in the mountains. Our kids are happy to skip out on the drudgery of slogging up a mountain, and we as parents are happy as long as we are enjoying the outdoors together.      Last Sunday (Father's...

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