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About Us

We are a family-owned business. We love enjoying the outdoors and exploring new places. Camping, hiking and (most recently) packrafting have been our passion for years!  From Australia to South America, South East Asia, Canada and the US, we have spent many days exploring new trails and countless nights around campfires under the stars. The views, the friendships, and the memories keep us coming back for more.

We are highly committed to carefully selecting the types of products that we have either used ourselves or wished we had used throughout the years! We do our best to find the best quality for the best prices. It is our goal to become Canada's number one store for lightweight packrafting adventures. 

It is our mission to provide you with the following: 

A range of high-quality, lightweight products.

Innovative products that you might not find in regular stores - particularly MRS packrafts!

Fast, friendly and honest customer service.

And of course... great prices!

     We trust that our products will make your next paddling, camping or hiking adventure even more enjoyable and that you will continue to visit our store as we find more and more helpful, innovative and affordable gear for your next trip.