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Custom Colour Packrafts

Have you ever wanted to choose your own colours for you packraft?

Now you can with MRS's customization option. Any of the colours on the left and right panel are completely customizable, as is the seam strip. Everyone will wonder where you bought your unique packraft! 

STEP 1: Download the custom order forms - DOWNLOAD

STEP 2: Choose your custom packraft colours. There are six colours to pick from.

STEP 3: Fill out each panel on the order form with your choice of colours.

STEP 4: Choose the colour of your seams. 

STEP 5: Email us at with your custom order form and we will get back to you with further details on your custom order.  

This option is only available during certain months. As your boat will be custom made just for you, you might have to wait another week or two for delivery. 

There is an additional $109.99 Canadian dollars cost for customized colours.