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Our History

The story of MRS started in 2007 when our founder David and his friends went searching for the perfect packraft for remote, hike-in rivers. When nothing they found seemed right, they set out to build their own from scratch.

Our small, passionate team invested a lot of time in designing and developing the original MRS packrafts, and after dozens of alterations, we crafted what we were looking for. For over a decade, we have continued to improve our on original design and have added new packraft options to our collection.

Our Products

Today, MRS offers state-of-the-art products that have been tested around the world. In Scandinavia and the Alps, from the Himalayas to Hokkaido, MRS packrafts are highly recognized by customers in Europe and Asia and are increasing sought after in North America. 

MRS is committed to manufacturing top-grade products, built and field tested for any outdoor adventure. From the remote Rocky Mountain rapids to the Great Lakes and coastal coves, we’ve got a boat perfectly suited for your dream trip. Whether you are hiking, backpacking, exploring, adventure racing, hunting, cycling or fishing, we have great options to meet your needs. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our packrafts even more, and we work with athletes around the world to tweak our designs in order to give you the best rafting experience.

We are dedicated to designing ultra-light products and we never stop searching for the most ideal, eco-friendly, high-quality materials. Every boat we make is built with care under the most stringent quality control checks. We strive to make products that are lightweight, reliable, comfortable, durable and easy to use.

As an established packrafting manufacturer, MRS offers a collection of state-of-the-art products, warranty and support from a dedicated team of packrafting enthusiasts with a passion for nature, water sports and the outdoors.

Whether you are an experienced packrafter, a beginner or just love to explore, MRS Packrafts has a quality, lightweight, affordable packraft that will suit your needs. 

Our Distributor

Camping Hiking Adventures, proudly introduced MRS packrafts to the Canada in 2020, as an MRS distributor. We distribute all MRS products including packrafts and accessories for all MRS customers in North America.

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