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Carbon Fiber Packraft/Kayak Paddle

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Every kayaker needs a trusty paddle! This carbon fibre option is the lightest paddle we carry at only 795 grams (1.75 pounds)! 


  • Can easily be taken apart into 4 sections, making it very easy to throw into your backpack
  • Water retaining ring - prevents the water brought up by the paddles from entering the packraft
  • Length adjuster - flexible length adjuster which can easily be extended to meet your needs
  • Super-strong


  • Weight: 795 g (1.75 lbs)
  • Length: min: 212 cm (83.4 inches); max: 222 cm (87.4 inches)

Order yours today and be the envy of your paddling friends! 

These paddles come individually. This order is for ONE paddle. 

Please note that this product is in high demand during summer, and shipping could take up to 4 weeks.

Free shipping when ordered together with a packraft or when you order 4 or more paddles.