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The Packraft Handbook

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This book! Wow! What can we say? Luc Mehl has given the entire packrafting community a gift in sharing his experiences and wisdom gained through many years. We have learned SO much ourselves from this book, especially in the area of safety. Many lives will be saved as a result of this timeless book. 

    “This is the book we’ve all been waiting for. It is both approachable for newcomers and deep enough to satisfy experts. I know that I will refer back to it often as I continue to develop my own skills.” – Joseph Bell, President, American Packrafting Association

    The Packraft Handbook is a comprehensive guide to packrafting, with a strong emphasis on skill progression and safety. Readers will learn to maneuver through river features and open water, mitigate risk with trip planning and boat control, and react when things go wrong. Illustrated for visual learners and featuring stunning photography, The Packraft Handbook has something to offer all packrafters.

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