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Welcome to Camping Hiking Adventures - Your Ultimate Outdoors Companion

At Camping Hiking Adventures, we understand that the outdoors is not just a place but an experience. We are deeply committed to providing the best quality equipment to enhance outdoor adventures. Every corner of nature has a story, and we’re here to ensure you fully hear, feel, and live to tell it.

One of the unique experiences we offer revolves around the world of packrafting. Our lightweight packrafts are designed to redefine your water adventures. 

Imagine being able to navigate land and water in one exhilarating journey. With our lightweight packraft collection, this dream becomes a thrilling reality.

Expand Your Exploration Horizons With Our New Lightweight Packrafts

Our packrafts are not just boats but your passports to uncharted territories. Packed neatly into your backpack, they are as light as a feather, allowing you to hike unhindered. When you encounter a serene lake or sparkling river, unpack your raft and paddle away on a magical water journey.

Our packrafts are designed with cutting-edge technology and high-grade materials. They are durable, reliable, and built for ultimate performance. Their lightweight, compact design makes them easy to carry and navigate through water. From tranquil lake crossings to exciting river rapids, our packrafts are engineered to meet every challenge the waters might throw at you.

Adventures Await - The Land and Water Duo

The ability to transition seamlessly from hiking to rafting truly broadens the scope of your adventures. We pride ourselves on selling some of the best packrafts in the industry. 

Think about the pleasure of reaching a remote alpine lake after a strenuous uphill hike. Now add the excitement of inflating your lightweight packraft within minutes and gliding over the pristine waters, soaking in the breathtaking views from a unique perspective. That’s the beauty of packrafting!

Equip, Educate, Explore With Camping Hiking Adventure

We’re more than just a gear supplier. We believe in empowering our community with the proper knowledge and skills. As part of our commitment, we provide comprehensive guides and tips for using our best lightweight packrafts efficiently and safely. Check out our tutorials and blog posts to maximize your packrafting experience.

When you choose Camping Hiking Adventures, you join a Canadian community of avid outdoors people like you. We celebrate the spirit of adventure and the joy of exploring the unknown. 

The Camping Hiking Adventures Promise

We are driven by passion and fueled by adventure. We believe in providing the best to our customers, both in terms of products and services. Our lightweight packrafts are a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation.

You can expect products from us that withstand the test of time and that leave an imprint on your heart in the memories you create. At Camping Hiking Adventures, we don’t just sell equipment; we sell experiences. 

Join The Packrafting Community With Camping Hiking Adventures

Ready for your next journey? Embrace the world of packrafting with Camping Hiking Adventures. Join our social media platforms and share pictures, videos and stories of your adventures with others who will appreciate them. 

So, gear up, prepare to wander, and brace yourself for adventures like never before. Let’s explore the thrilling outdoors together, one paddle at a time.