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Used & Demo Packrafts

Unleash the Adventurer in You with Used Packrafts 

Imagine the thrill of navigating winding rivers or serene lakes with a used packraft. The perfect partner for outdoor adventures, these packrafts provide an exciting and economical way to explore nature's untouched wonders. At Camping Hiking Adventures, our focus is on high-quality, lightweight, and budget-friendly gear curated to enhance your time spent in the embrace of nature.

Packrafting is a lifestyle, not just a sport

Packrafting is for those who savor the fresh air of freedom and yearn for exploration. The lightweight charm of a used packraft pairs seamlessly with these passions, opening doors to landscapes waiting to be discovered.

Quality and Variety

Here, variety is plentiful. Our collection encompasses products that have proven their worth on countless trips to those that add a touch of innovation to your gear. Every item is handpicked, reflecting an enduring love for exploration and an eye for detail. 

The MRS packrafts stand tall in the collection, celebrated for their stellar performance and unrivaled reliability. Their availability is limited, making them a sought-after choice for adventurers. Yet, despite their high-end status, they are offered at competitive prices, underscoring the commitment to great value.

Exceptional Customer Service

Beyond products, quality also extends to customer service at Camping Hiking Adventures. Every interaction is designed to be prompt, friendly, and honest. Our mission is clear at Camping Hiking Adventures—making the joy of packrafting accessible to everyone. And we ensure this through our carefully selected range of used packrafts and other gear at reasonable prices. With our steadfast dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we have become a go-to choice for camping and hiking aficionados. 

Gear Up for Your Next Adventure

Gear up, set sail on your next adventure, and weave unforgettable experiences with a trusted partner from Camping Hiking Adventures. With our used packrafts, every journey transforms into an epic adventure. Every paddle stroke brings you closer to the heart of nature. It's not just a product but a pledge of a thrilling journey awaiting your discovery. Let Camping Hiking Adventures guide you to explore the unexplored.