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Packraft Repair Kits

Unfold the Art of Packrafting

Packing light for outdoor adventures is no easy task, especially when venturing into waterways. This is where MRS packrafts shine - these lightweight vessels are durable, portable, and perfect for those who love paddling, hiking, and camping. An essential resource for those embarking on this exciting journey is the Packraft Handbook by Luc Mehl. The book is a treasure trove of insights from years of packrafting experience, offering readers invaluable advice, particularly on safety measures. Consider this book an essential guide to navigating the thrilling world of packrafting.

Your Essential Packraft Repair Kit

Even with the best-quality gear, unexpected incidents may occur. A small tear in your packraft could dampen your spirit and halt your adventure. That's where the Aquaseal FD Repair Kit - Gear Aid steps in. This compact solution for on-the-spot repairs is perfect for fixing packraft punctures, ripped waders, patching inflatable leaks, or sealing drysuit ruptures. 

The kit boasts a clear-drying, tough urethane repair adhesive. Its flexibility allows it to bend with the repaired fabric, creating a long-lasting, waterproof seal resistant to abrasions. Whether you're dealing with neoprene, rubber, nylon, GORE-TEX fabric, canvas, or vinyl/PVC, this adhesive ensures a reliable fix. The repair kit includes the adhesive, two 3" round Tenacious Tape patches, a brush, and instructions. With an 8-12 hour cure time, it's a worthy addition to packraft repair kits as it offers all you need for any emergency in a compact kit. 

A Trusty Ally in Repairing Outdoor Gear

For those who prefer a larger adhesive supply, we recommend the Aquaseal + FD Flexible Durable Adhesive .75oz - Gear Aid. The adhesive, delivered in a lightweight 0.75 oz tube, offers the same durability, flexibility, and water resistance as the kit version, just more of it. Whether you need to patch holes, repair tears, or seal seams, this clear-drying adhesive forms a strong, waterproof bond that remains flexible even under harsh outdoor conditions. Its versatility extends to various outdoor fabrics, making it a reliable tool for maintaining your gear in top shape. 

Embracing the wilderness should not be hampered by gear failures. Equip yourself with the best tools and resources to ensure a seamless adventure. With these products, you're all set to enjoy the true essence of camping, hiking, and packrafting. Trust us to bring you the best quality, innovative, and lightweight products, consistently delivering excellent value and honest service. Set forth into the great outdoors, prepared and confident, ready for your next exciting adventure.