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Tandem Packrafts

Rediscover the Great Outdoors with Camping Hiking Adventures

At Camping Hiking Adventures, we are more than just a company. We are a community of outdoor enthusiasts dedicated to helping you explore the beauty and thrill of nature. And to meet that end, we’re proud to introduce our best-selling MRS Tandem Packrafts.

Why Choose Camping Hiking Adventures?

We realize that every adventure enthusiast dreams of a companion that can keep up with their zeal for exploration. Our MRS Tandem Packrafts are the culmination of this understanding. Lightweight, easy to assemble, and backed by an excellent warranty, these packrafts are a testament to our commitment to providing quality, performance, and, most importantly, excitement.

Our Journey : Fueled by Your Love for Adventure

Inspired by the love for exploring mountain lakes and canals around our home in the Rocky Mountains, we ventured into the world of packrafts. Our family’s experiences and your overwhelming response have propelled us on this journey. Your adventurous spirit and the fun-filled stories you share have helped MRS packrafts become our number one best-selling item.

At Camping Hiking Adventures, we’ve always believed in the transformative power of nature. This belief fuels our efforts to enhance your outdoor experiences, turning ordinary hiking trips into extraordinary water expeditions. Our MRS packrafts are not just products but enablers that allow you to expand your horizons and immerse yourself deeper into nature’s wonders.

Tandem Packraft: An Example of Innovation and Quality

Your trust is invaluable to us. Therefore, we promise to continue our relentless pursuit of innovation, delivering products like the MRS Tandem Packrafts synonymous with high-quality material and top-notch performance. Our warranty reflects this commitment, providing peace of mind during your adventures.

Join the Adventure With Us!

We invite you to become part of our vibrant community, where every day is a new opportunity for adventure. Whether it’s the tranquil mountain lakes or the exhilarating whitewater rapids, with our MRS Tandem Packrafts, you can confidently navigate through varied terrains and water bodies.

With Camping Hiking Adventures by your side, you are not just going on a trip but embarking on a journey filled with excitement, fun, and memories. Experience the thrill of exploring the great outdoors with our MRS Tandem Packrafts. Join us, and let’s make each moment count!

Experience the Camping Hiking Adventures difference today. Let’s create a world where the spirit of adventure lives on!