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Camping Hiking Adventures has been so helpful setting myself and my team up with what I consider to be the best packrafts out there. We do adventure racing and the weight and the speed of the packrafts are two important factors for us. The Barracuda R2 is so light and tracks the water so well. To our surprise it also handles rapids so well that it makes any paddling legs of our races a dream. I wouldn’t paddle anything else now. Nice additions are the bow bag to quick access to food and clothes and the electric pump works wonder and is very light and packable’


Liz was amazing and her response time when ordering was amazing! The time from ordering to receipt of the boats, bow bags and pumps was very fast! We have been out on the MSR a few times already and the build quality, handling and ease of assembly makes it a great option for
adventures / races we have planned.

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The customer service is first rate! If you are looking to buy an MRS raft
in Canada, I would definitely recommend this company. They will
answer all of your questions. Their response time is awesome. :)

Five stars was an easy choice! I’m very happy with my MRS Nomad S1D and the service from Camping Hiking Adventures. Elizabeth was very helpful on the phone, answering all my questions and there was no sales pressure. I placed my order. It arrived right on time. The Nomad is well designed and assembled with care. I was looking for something bigger than my ultralight pack dinghy for lake travel. It also needed to be packable so I can trek / bushwhack into some remote lakes where the carry is too difficult for a canoe portage. I've paddled the S1D it in moderate wind and small chop and it feels very secure. I’m surprised how well it tracks. The removable skeg is probably the reason for that. The spray deck and skirt kept me warm and dry in gusty winds even with cold water blowing off my paddle and the tops of small waves. I feel safe in the Nomad and it will be packable enough for me. I consider the extra weight well worth the better speed, tracking, and safe feel of the Nomad on a lake. The ISS (internal storage system) is a great option, and the two dry bags are spacious. I also ordered the deck bag to store things during the day because the internal storage is not accessible without deflating. Hip width is the main constraint. I take a 32” belt and I am comfortable between the tubes, but people with wider hips can inflate the seat more and sit higher. I tried that and the Nomad still felt quite stable. I wondered if my frame-style pack would fit under the spray deck. It does. Just barely, but it does. I posted pics of my empty Osprey Exos 58 stored behind the seat. There's still room above and below the pack for a few things. (I wear water shoes while using the Nomad and put my hiking boots under the pack.) I hope this info helps you decide if the S1D is for you. As you can see, I am 100% happy with mine. Happy adventures!

Camping Hiking Adventures is one of our originalPartners! They trusted in us and supported us from our first coffee with them. They have done so much for the Rocky Mountain Adventure Racing community and have sponsored our team to compete in Expedition Canada. Simply put, they are good people. If you're thinking of getting into pack rafting, these are your people! 


The service was exceptional, the product exactly what I needed, and the pricing was totally fair


What a great service this company offers: I needed a very specific accessory that was quite difficult to find, particularly in Canada.  These folks went out of their way to help, first with detailed information and then with great assistance in delivering to a remote area. Fast, friendly, and informative - I look forward to ordering again.

P. Lemieux