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MRS Viking EVO Self Bailer Packraft

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The MRS packrafts have become our number one best-selling item, and it’s easy to see why. They are fantastic on so many levels: quality of material, lightweight, easy to assemble and pack up, great warranty and FUN! Our family loves spending time exploring mountain lakes and canals near our home around the Rocky Mountains. While we have not personally gone through any rapids yet, lots of our customers have, and they love MRS packrafts for whitewater.

If you aren’t familiar with packrafting, one of the newer sports in North America, it can seem like these boats are too good to be true! They fit into a backpack (no more carrying around a big bulky canoe or kayak, thank you) and are surprisingly easy to inflate with the screw-on airbag where you “catch” air and compress it into the boat. After about ten scoops of air from the airbag, the vessel is 90% inflated. A few more puffs from your mouth or an optional (not-included) pump, and your raft is buoyant and ready to go. Another surprising feature of these beauties is how sturdy they actually are. When people first see them, they think that they are going to rip easily, but they are actually very strong. And in the improbable event of damage to the material, MRS offers a three-year warranty. Our good friend had his stuck in an underwater cave for months, and even after that crazy adventure, he was able to use his MRS packraft.


The material is hand-made from high-quality urethane-coated nylon, (not PVC or Hypalon like other cheaper boats on the market). This material is light, abrasion-resistant, UV tolerant, non-ageing and flexible even at low temperatures.  It has been specially treated to make a smooth, scratch-resistant surface. This creates a supple material for easy packing and folding. It is also very easy to repair in the unlikely event that the packraft should need a patch. 

MRS fully supports sustainable development and is deeply involved in the research and development of TPU coated fabric. The TPU fabric in the MRS packrafts are all Swiss Bluesign®-certified, meaning that they are environmental-friendly and manufactured in a safe workspace.


The MRS Viking EVO Self Bailer is the evolution of the Viking Self Bailer, an adaption of the  Alligator 2S Pro, the ultimate whitewater packraft. It's important to note that the major difference is the floor of the Viking Self-Bailer, which has 11 drainage holes (and baffle plates) that drain and reduce water resistance when paddling. TWater drains FAST! This design feature, along with the adjustable inflatable half-floor and inflatable footrest, enhances safety by ensuring the packraft remains buoyant and responsive even in challenging whitewater conditions.

The Viking EVO self-bailing floor has undergone a complete overhaul, resulting in a surprisingly more agile and responsive performance. The new floor hole can be fully closed to prevent water accumulation, and drainage is concentrated at the paddler's heels for enhanced performance.  This significant improvement in the field of inflatable self-bailing packrafts directly addresses the slow response issue that has been a common concern in the past. The packraft is made from durable, high-quality materials, ensuring its longevity and performance even in rugged outdoor conditions, providing reassurance to potential buyers.

The Viking EVO Self Bailer is meticulously designed with user comfort and convenience as top priorities. The footrest is strategically positioned lower than the seat, ensuring a comfortable ride. There is no space for water to get trapped around the seat. For added comfort in cold water, we recommend the use of diving socks. The adjustable, inflatable footrest provides firm leg support, while the ultra-light, non-slip 5-point leg straps enhance the packraft's responsiveness. The packraft also comes with a removable skeg and a T-ZIPP zipper and an internal bladder in the seat for easy inflation and storage of small items (5L). 

The MRS Viking EVO Self Bailer ISS offers a versatile internal storage system, where the stern of the boat can be accessed with a water-resistant zipper and the side tubes can be stuffed with more storage. This unique feature proves to be an advantage in handling the boat and does not affect buoyancy. However, once you open the zip, the craft deflates, so you will want to be strategic about what you store in the side tubes. Using the drybags (included with the ISS model) makes accessing your gear from the side tube easy and has the added advantage of keeping your gear dry while avoiding the risk of losing it in whitewater. 

The Viking EVO Self Bailer also comes in a light option of 210D instead of the regular 420D material. Not only does this reduce the weight of the packraftit also makes it easier to fold. 

Main Specifications:

  • Body Material: 210D/420D
  • Floor Material: 840D
  • Outer Length & Width: 106 x 36 in / 269 x 92 cm
  • Inner Length & Width: 54 x 13 in / 136 x 34 cm
  • Tube Diameter: 11 in / 29 cm
  • Maximum Load: 330 lb / 150 kg
  • Pack size: 40x60x30cm
  • Manufacturer warranty: 3 years


Viking EVO Self Bailer (Elite)

  • 5P thigh straps: 303g
  • Adjustable footrest: 246g
  • EVA foam backrest: 260g
  • Seat: 307g
  • Skeg: 83g
  • Packraft Weight: 3920g
  • Total Weight: 5119g


Viking EVO Self Bailer ISS

  • 5P thigh straps: 303 g
  • Adjustable footrest: 246 g
  • EVA foam backrest: 260g
  • Seat: 307g
  • Skeg: 83g
  • Internal storage bag: 181g
  • Packraft Weight: 4030g
  • Total Weight: 5430g


Viking EVO Self Bailer Light (210D)

  • 5P thigh straps: 303g
  • Adjustable footrest: 246g
  • EVA foam backrest: 260g
  • Seat: 307g
  • Skeg: 83g
  • Packraft Weight: 3663g
  • Total Weight: 4862g




MRS offers a three-year warranty

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