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We are so excited to interview Nathalie Long, creator of Canada's first 7 day Expedition Race. Find out why she switched to a MRS Barracuda R2 Pro as her packraft of choice for racing; what TV series just launched about her, and what she is looking forward to in 2023. Enjoy!


Expedition Canada, inflatable kayak, MRS packraft, packraft, Rocky Mountain Adventure Racing, water sports -

Adventure racing, paddling a glacier-fed river and a scary experience in a flipped packraft! The founder of Rocky Mountain Adventure shares his memorable experiences with us.


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Luc, you are a bit of a legend in the packrafting community! Can you tell us what motivated you to write your book? The Packraft Handbook started as a short safety manual. I had been teaching swiftwater safety courses for the Swiftwater Safety Institute for a few years and wanted to figure out how to get safety techniques out to more people. I was only reaching 30-40 people a summer with the in-person courses. But after writing the safety and rescue content, I realized that it would be even more valuable to write about how not to need rescue! (Duh!) So,...


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Guest blog by Byron Hartzler “Man, I don’t want to be anywhere else in the world right now!” I exclaimed to my Danish paddling partner, David, just 5 minutes ago. I had spent hundreds of hours guiding waterfalls and canyoning on the Nam Yao River in a back corner of Shan State, Myanmar (Burma) with my company, Myanmar Adventure Outfitters. Myanmar is remote as it is, and now after a military coup on February 1, 2021, it's plunged this nation that had so much promise back a decade or more and imposed isolation. I’ve been passionately curious and explored so...


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We are so excited to welcome Sergio Ríos Rodriguez today! You are going to love hearing about his amazing trip down the Amazon River in a packraft. (La versión en español se encuentra abajo.)   A few years ago, you took an epic trip down the Amazon River. What can you tell us about your adventure? Ever since I was very young, I liked to watch National Geographic documentaries, and at the time, most of them were about Africa and the Amazon. I often watched the tribes in their traditional clothing, ants carrying tiny leaves, the caiman alligators, snakes, the gigantic river...